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HPE INDIA - Healthcare, Physiotherapy and Ergonomics

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Upliftment of physiotherapy profession in India.

Many Physiotherapists and Students in India felt the need to create a new forum that would allow Indian Physiotherapists to create awareness about physiotherapy malpractices and education system – in both clinical as well as in the academic sphere.

Since there is no regulation of CPD Courses with present state council, professional students and practitioner wanted to have a forum, that would create awareness and initiate an action against fake resource person and Institute presenting false advertisement. 

It was felt that a platform to share the malpractice done by unauthorized institute or person, quack physiotherapy ideas and practice, fight against injustice, making recommendations to policy relating to the ethical practice and/or education of physiotherapy was currently lacking in the country.



Create awareness among the physical therapy students.

  • Notify students about malpractice, fake instructors and unauthorized workshop and seminars.
  • Complaints against harassment, injustice and threat to physical therapist in clinical, hospitals or academics working space.
  • Improve clinical practice, education and research.
  • Action against physical therapist promoting wrong information or doing wrong acts.
  • Review or Critics against false information provided by any qualified or quack physical therapist on social media.

STRATEGIC POLICES: HELP Indian Physiotherapy students and practitioner over unauthorised CPD Courses hosted in India. 



CPD HELPLINE NO for Indian physiotherapy students and practitioner 

whatsapp 9892981954 to get information on fake courses and resource person. 


The association is backed by strong Education Political Leader's, Indian Govt and supported by various societies registered with qualified International legal team and funded by HPE UK Healthcare and Education Ltd, London - UK.


Latest Updates -

Physiotherapy workshops / Courses that are not recommended for physical therapists in India., based on fake advertisements and resource person qualifications and expertise on that subjects. to lure physiotherapy students.


1. Four Certification Courses.

2. Therapeutic taping.





Police Complaints and Legal notice were issued to Miss Aashima Saini, a Student of D. Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy over defamatory comments, false allegations, and spreading of negativism among students and practitioners about HPE courses on social media.

HPE INDIA has filed a defamation case of 25 lakh against Aashima Saini, a physiotherapist who has publicly criticized HPE INDIA for defaming and spreading misleading information about the company courses and its founder and accessing the company’s private communications.

HPE INDIA has advised and notified all physical therapists to be cautious of false information being spread on social media about HPE by Aashima Saini and her friend


Written Complaint initiated against all fake instructor courses on Kinesio taping, MFR, and fascia release technique to Gujrat physiotherapy Council and Health and Education minister.


Kinesio India to initiate a legal case against all fake instructors teaching wrong Kinesio taping techniques across India and the organizer promoting such courses.

Till Date - we were able to expose 4-5 fake resource persons in India, who fake their credentials, to attract students to the courses, these resource person lacks credentials and takes advantage of unregulated CPD education standards of India. Such courses and activities affect future physiotherapy education and clinical skills leading to public health endangerment and health issue. (M Pushkar, s.rizvi, V.Bhanushali, P. Jain and Rishabh Arora.) - These resource person fools students under the disguise of therapeutic taping and clinical and sports taping - Students should be aware of such facts (which Maharashtra council has been notified about)


A defamation suit is filed in civil court against Dr. Vivek Bhanushali for defaming HPE UK and HPE INDIA on the social media platform. The trial of the court proceeding will be made public for public awareness against fake courses. CASE NO. SUIT/0101202/2022.


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