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HPE INDIA - Healthcare, Physiotherapy and Ergonomics

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HPE UK Healthcare - International approved - CPD Physiotherapy courses

altHPE UK Healthcare and Education LTD, proudly announce its association as an Education Partner with International Association and Education institute with Indian and International Faculty on advance physical therapy methods and techniques.


All the courses / workshop hosted by HPE are highly recommended to upgrade your knowledge and skills in the field of Physical therapy and Fitness as a continued medical education programme.

All HPE INDIA hosted Courses are International Certification workshop with International credit hours and Points from NCC, UK.


  • Clinical Neurodynamics (NDS- Australia) 
  • Certification course in Sports physical therapy - HPE UK
  • Functional Dry Needling.
  • Sports Injury - management and prevention.
  • Kinesiology Taping - Functional Clinical and Sports
  • Sports Massage - HPE UK.
  • MFR -clinical and sports
  • Therapeutic Taping (Rigid + Kinesio)
  • HPE Internship - HPE UK.
  • Manual therapy - lower back and pelvic dysfunction: HPE UK
  • Spine Mobilization - Australia 
  • Cupping therapy: HPE UK

HPE Partnership programme


The HPE UK Partnership Programme looks to associate with individuals, groups of clinicians, hospitals, organisations and clinics all over the world to deliver our courses and raise the standards in MSK and Sports Clinical Physical therapy. We will send out members of our HPE UK teaching faculty to deliver the course. We now have HPE partners in many countries and run courses on an annual basis in their vicinity. We are always looking to develop new partnership links.

Our HPE Partners will need to:

  • provide a suitable venue to hold the programme and a projector or large screen
  • partner with a Equipment and Material needed for the workshop (HPE UK office can help this process)
  • arrange dates for the programme, travel schedule, lecturers’ hotel accomodation (HPE UK pays for Expenses)
  • handle all aspects of registration of participants in coordination with the SMUG office

A typical on-site programme includes 1 to 2 days of instruction by 1 to 2 tutors/supervisors. The programme is a mixture of didactic lectures to the whole assembly and smaller tutorial or practical sessions with smaller groups of participants.

all Participants / delegates gets an international certificate with credits hours transcript from HPE UK - London.

If you would like to enquire about your specific training needs please email :

HPE Sports physio Internship Programme for UnderGraduates/graduates/Interns  


HPE UK - 2 months Intensive Sports and Clinical INTERNSHIP Programme -

for Physical Therapist (Graduates/ Undergraduates / Interns)

HPE UK - internship started in December 2016 - has gained immense interest and positive response amongst the practicing physical therapist in Mumbai. HPE has trained almost 50 physical therapists across India with clinical and on/off-field experience.


Eligibility: Opened for all Interns and physiotherapy graduates. 

During the course of the internship, students will be taught the following in greater detail:

  • Dry Needling (Musculo and Neuro)
  • Kinesiotaping 
  • Clinical NDS
  • Myofascial release (MFR)
  • Pain Biomechanics
  • Manipulation
  • Cupping
  • Instrument Assisted Soft tissue release (IASTM)
  • Interns will be placed for National and International Sports events across INDIA during or after completion of the course.


Badminton, Kabaddi, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Boxing Etc.

HPE INDIA has tied up with various sports associations and academies to promote physical therapy services across India.


For those students who are interested, kindly contact us at / WhatsApp 9892981954.

New 2020 batches have started !!!



Course Duration - 2 months (3 - 4 days a week)

Timings: 4 hrs (30 sessions)

Batches :


afternoon: 2 pm  - 6 pm and


Location: Bandra. (Mumbai)


Only 2 students per batch !! New Batch Starts every 2 months..


TOTAL FEES: 50000 (inclusive of all workshops TRAINING: FREE)



Course Completion Certificate and Work Experience letter will be provided.                                alt


Certification from HPE UK healthcare & Education LTD, LONDON - UK


Enroll Soon !!! Learn and enhance your skill at HPE UK



Certificate Course in Sports Therapy - HPE UK


6 months Intensive Certificate Course in Sports Therapy and Performance Enhancement with HPE UK healthcare Ltd and HPE INDIA in Mumbai from Sept 2017.

this program is designed in compliance with international standard guidelines under HPE UK London.


The program will focus on the care and rehabilitation of elite athletes, but will also consider the role of physical therapy in caring for young athletes and for those participating on a recreational basis.

The new program will take advantage of online technology to deliver an innovative program and to ensure that information is current, comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible.

The program operates under the academic oversight of an international academy, which will advise on and be responsible for all aspects of academic standards, including:

  • Quality assurance of syllabus content
  • Moderation of student assessment

The Program is not offered as an alternative to the various short, intensive training programs that currently operate, but rather as a comprehensive program of training for those responsible for the provision of physical therapy services to elite athletes.

Learn all basic and advance essential physical therapy assessment and Diagnostic Skills with advanced Physical therapy approach towards injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance.

the courses is divided into 2 terms: 

Term 1: Basic physical therapy approach to Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries. (2 months)

Assessment and Diagnosis of all joint systems and clinical reasoning with sports injuries.


Term 2: Advance physical therapy techniques like :

Myofascial Release MFR,

functional Dry Needling,

Taping solutions (Kinesio + rigid + Cohesive)

Cupping dynamics,

Rehabilitation protocol,


Mobilization and manipulation,

sports massage, First Aid will be covered  (4 months)

case studies + practical experience (clinical and sports on /off-field) with a research assignment.

Course Fees - 2,00,000 + GST

Course Manual - international course manual from HPE UK in coordination with University of London, UK.

Extra Work Experience and Practical Exposure in HPE Leicester Center, UK (at extra cost)

Registration Started !!!!


Restricted to only 2 student per batch

ON FIELD PRACTICAL WORK EXP  with Corporate, Tennis, Football, Squash and Badminton Sports in MUMBAI




Certificate Course in Sports Massage (CSMT)

altCourse objective


Sports Massage Courses are available to teach you how to provide proficient sports massage in just a few short weeks. Learning this skill shall prove invaluable to you, your career opportunities and to help care for those with debilitating muscle pain associated with sports injuries. This sports massage course is the perfect way to start your professional training in the specialised discipline of sports massage.

The Sports Massage Courses provide you with the following:

  • Easy to follow, simple and clear instructions
  • Informative small module deliveries to facilitate easy learning
  • Ability to deal with differing sports injuries, body types and client dispositions
  • Adjusting to required pressure and firmness of massage to avoid compounded soreness
  • Approaching the different types of pains and injuries derived for repetitive sports injuries and injury specific soreness
  • Valuable information about the body that is not provided by doctors or physiotherapists
  • Additional skills provided for knowledge of more advanced manual treatments required for more complex sports injuries
  • Provide a detailed understanding and physiology behind the processes involved with sports massage

You will simply require a massage table, massage oil and our online sports massage course content.

Start your journey today to becoming a skilled sports massage therapist using your acquired ability to treat sports pain and injury with positive results.

If you have always wanted to complete a sports massage course but find it difficult with current time constraints then you will find the sports massage course is a highly effective process for you to achieve competency with minimum expense and effort. When you require a more flexible approach to achieve the ability to provide sports massage than this is the perfect option for quality home study.

Sports massage courses provide the essential element in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from limited range of motion, soft tissue problems and pain generally associated with contact and repetitive sports and physical activities.

The course teaches an effective style and philosophy not found in most other sports massage courses developed from hundreds of years of practice and refinement.

For more information 

The course objective is to teach you the theory and practice of sport massage so that you can include sport massage techniques as a part of your fitness or coaching practice. . If you combine your qualification with appropriate experience and personal attributes you can target employment prospects nationally and internationally or run your own private practice. This course provides a scientific balance between learning theory and learning through practical experience

Admission Criteria and requirements

Degree Certificate is mandatory


Learning resources

You will receive a course manual, a learner guide, a portfolio of evidence (PoE) file


Batches from Sept 2021 in Mumbai

Fees - Rs. 40000/- 

International : Rs. 50000/-


(Fees Once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances according to strict rules and regulation of UK healthcare Education system, fresh admission is mandatory for enrollment in future batch; HPE UK are not liable for any loss)


Sports Injuries - Prevention and Management


Prevention and Management of Sports Injuries

Duration : 2 days  (16 Credit hours)

Course Fees - Rs. 8000/-

This 2 days workshop will take an in depth look at incidence, cause, assessment and treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries



Clinical reasoning in sports physiotherapy

 Causes of acute and chronic Injuries

 Early management of acute & chronic injuries

 Rehabilitation of acute & chronic injuries

 Overuse injuries

Physiological basis of fitness and training

First Aid and CPR


All connective tissue injuries (tendon /ligament/ bursae and other soft tissue)

Manual therapy and its guidelines

load monitoring

Physical fitness test 

Olympic guidelines and 

taping and bracing


Enroll before 1 st June and volunteer with HPE UK for National Events in MUMBAI

registration started 

whatapp 9892981954 for more details




Clinical Neurodynamics  - NDS, Australia - International Certification: