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Manual Therapy - Australian Approach.

The Manual to Great Therapy By James Schomburgk

HPE Conference and Seminars, Dubai is hosting 2 days of international certification, hands-on workshop on Manual Therapy - Australian approach course in Mumbai and Dubai.

This course is taught internationally from Australia to USA, UK, Singapore, and New Zealand, and other countries. 

Recommended course for all Physiotherapy students and practitioners.

Course Dates

Mumbai- Dec 17 - 18, 2022.

Dubai- Feb 2023. 

International Certificate with post-graduate level tertiary education.

 What will you learn in this course:

Day 1

What is Manual Therapy?

• Where are we at culturally, compared to what the evidence says

• The research to support manual therapy

• How does it work? The science behind it.

• How to choose the best technique


We will then spend 1.5 days exploring specific techniques

You will learn techniques for each body part based on:




Learn the power of combined movements to progress in therapy

And how to combine joint, muscular, and neurodynamic components together for maximum results

  1. Lx techniques
  2. Cx

Day 2



Cx techniques continued

  1. Tx
  2.  SIJ
  3. Shoulder
  4. Hip
  5. Knee
  6. Ankle


Fees - Rs. 25000/- (10% off for HPE Certified Students)

ADD ON - one-day free HPE lumbar course for HPE Students- weekdays with Swapnil Mate (Osteopathy Approach)

For registration- Whatsapp text, HPE office: 91-9892981954 


Post-November 25 - Rs. 30000/-


1. Course Completion Certificate authorized by Australia, UK, and UAE.  

2. Course Manual.

3. Transcript.

4. Lunch.


some more info:

Some feedback from those who have attended


I sent one of our new team members to this course in Perth and he has come to work on Monday feeling confident, enthusiastic, empowered, and with a better understanding of the application of manual therapy. Wow, what a transformation! Thanks so much, James Schomburgk.


James Schomburgk all my staff love your courses! They get so much out of it to put into practice straight away. Thank you Lizzy Jurgs.


About James Schomburgk

James is the Owner of The Second Visit, international physiotherapy and osteopathy training and mentoring company. He has taught in excess of 120 courses across Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, India, Bangladesh, India, Singapore, South Korea, and Indonesia.

He is also a lecturer at the School of Medicine, Adelaide University, in musculoskeletal medicine.

He is an Expert Advisor to AHPRA (Australian Health Professional Registration Authority) and has been the National Chairman of MPA (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia).

He was a lecturer and clinical supervisor at the School of Physiotherapy for 11 years at the University of SA in both the postgraduate and undergraduate programs and has been a guest lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy at Flinders University

He was also a Clinical Supervisor for the Musculoskeletal Master’s program at Latrobe University.

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