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International Certification in Functional Kinesio Taping




Public Notice

HPE India has initiated a legal procedure and lodged a police complaint against Miss Aashima Saini, a graduate physiotherapist from D. Y Patil College of Physiotherapy, Navi Mumbai over defamatory comments on HPE hosted workshop and seminar over social media. 

HPE INDIA has filed a defamation case of 25 lakh against Aashima Saini, a physiotherapist who has publicly criticized HPE INDIA for defaming and for spreading misleading information, misguided students about the company courses and its founder, and accessing the company’s private communications.

HPE INDIA would like to inform all physical therapists (students and practitioners) to be cautious of false information being spread on social media about HPE courses by Miss Aashima Saini and her friends.


HPE UK - Clinical and Sports Functional Taping a revolutionary technique offers post graduation level higher education certification courses,  that has become the gold standard in therapeutic rehabilitative taping, having been identified as a highly effective way to treat musculoskeletal, sports, and Lymphatic disorders.

HPE Functional Taping targets the physiological system to improve the functional outcome of the patients and it is the most advanced form of taping practiced worldwide. 


HPE Functional Taping  has a total 4 module

(Module 1 -2: basic and advanced fundamental - 16 hrs.)

(Module 3 - 4: advance fascia symptom modification- 16 hrs.)


Module 1

  • Introduction to Concepts (2 hrs)
  • Benefits and limitations of K Taping.
  • Physical characteristics and qualities of K Tape.
  • Application of tape to learn proper 'feel' and how to remove the tape from the backing.
  • Examine the difference between longitudinal and cross-wise stretching of the tape.
  • Stretch properties of Kinesio Tape.
  • Physiological properties of the Kinesio Taping with Functional Assessment.
  • Basic application techniques of how the tape is cut and applied, preparation of body part to be taped, and maintenance of tape once it is applied.
  • Introduction to Functional Ktaping Approach.
  • Pathophysiology of Upper and lower limb injuries.

Module 2

  • Mechanical Correction.
  • Fascia Correction.
  • Space Correction.
  • Ligament/Tendon Correction.
  • Functional Correction.
  • Lymphatic Correction.



May 21-22 ,2022: 3 seats.

PUNE: June 25-26, 2022 - Registration Started.


International Batches 

London / Leicester : July- August 2022.

Rome, Italy - Nov 20, 2022 - registration open. 


Indian Students:  Rs. 8500/- (GST Extra) (Non-refundable)

International Students: Rs. 12000/-

No group discount on international certification from the UK.


2 Kinesiology tapes.

Colour Course Manual.

International Certification from HPE UK London.


(Additional University Affiliation certification with UK universities*)

(Please note - Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances, following strict rules and regulations of UK healthcare Education LTD. Fresh admission is mandatory for enrollment in future batches; HPE UK is not liable for any financial loss. Any argument or discussion regarding refund or adjustment in future batches of HPE will not be entertained by the management.)


TIMING : 10am - 6 pm


HPE Center, Bandra West - Mumbai. 


Dr. Swapnil P Mate, is a Sports Physical Therapist, International lecturer practicing in London, UK, and Mumbai with HPE UK Healthcare.

Graduated from TNMC, Mumbai and Advance Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Programme.

He is a Certified Kinesio taping Practitioner (CKTP +) with a premium membership under Kinesio Taping Association International and training partner with Kinesio UK. Certified Equine Kinesio Taping therapist. 

Kinesio Taping Training  with  premier institutes like KTAI - USA,  K- Active - Germany, Rocktape LTD in London UK, Mueller, USA  under International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Head physical therapist and Head Clinical Instructor for HPE UK healthcare Ltd based in London, UK.

He is actively involved in Sports and MSK Physical therapy for 8 years and has been associated with major National and International Sporting Events and Athletes. 


His major achievement includes: 

  • Rio Olympics 2016.
  • London Olympics 2012.
  • Indian Shooting Team.
  • Indian Boxing Team.
  • Head Physical therapist - HPE UK Healthcare - London, UK.
  • Wayne McGregor - London UK
  • Mumbai City FC (ISL 2014) - Season 1 (owned by Ranbir Kapoor)
  • ONGC Football Team: I - League.
  • Star Sports Pro Kabaddi - U Mumba (Season 1 - 2)
  • Star Sports Pro Kabaddi - Bengal Warriors (Season 3)
  • World Series Hockey - Pune Strykers.
  • Maharashtra Badminton Association.
  • International Tennis Federation (ITF)
  • Cricket Club of INDIA (CCI)
  • Indian Squash Circuit.
  • Pifa Colaba FC.
  • Indian Mountaineering Foundation.
  • Sportz Consult.
  • Ultimate Frisbee India.
  • India's Next Superstar - Reality Indian TV Show - Star Plus.
  • International Tennis Federation - Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and other venues.
  • Personal Physical therapist to many Bollywood Celebrities and Politician's.

Email ID


Contact - by WhatsApp messages (registration process)

MUMBAI - 9892981954.

PUNE - 7507648050.


To Curb all Malpractice and Misinformation spread by a few instructors in India, HPE UK Healthcare has decided to host a  FREE ATHLETIC TAPING (Sports Taping)  Course with International Certification. The Course will be on weekdays. HPE UK offers post graduation level higher education certification courses. 

HPE UK Functional K Taping batch in INDIA and UK


HPE - Kinesio Taping Batches hosted (2010 - 2017)