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Public Notice

Physiotherapy Students and Practitioners in India should be aware about few courses hosted in Mumbai by Dr. Kruti Mehta copying the name and content of HPE Functional IASTM, MFR and functional Cupping courses with fake foreign  credentials under the name.

Email received through multiple sources claim that Dr. Kruti Mehta is teaching the same HPE Functional triple certification content, taught to her in one of our HPE Courses (basic module) in Mumbai. She is just a practitioner just like any other student. She has just completed the basic module with HPE in the year 2020 and started teaching whatever an average student can understand in 2 days batches across India. 

Dr. Kruti is fully aware that she is illegally presenting a fractured and distorted view of the Functional IASTM, Cupping and MFR and is thereby damaging its reputation and endangering public health and students future. She has neither the requisite knowledge nor the legal right to teach HPE Functional IASTM Content or any other techniques.

HPE UK Healthcare LTD does not endorse this individual in any way whatsoever, and hereby notifies the public of our position and physiotherapy students in India to be aware and create awareness of such fraudulent activities. HPE has submitted written complaint to IAP Students welfare department and Maharashtra council.

Mumbai - New Date

May 28-29, 2022  Full..

new batch - mumbai - june 4-5, 2022



        Palpatory Surface anatomy.

  • Muscle anatomy and Physiology.
  • Releasing the Muscular system.
  • Basic of Myofascial Release
  • Active release technique.
  • Passive release technique.
  • Muscle Energy technique.
  • Introduction to fascia as a system
  • Functional IASTM.
  • Fascia and its role.
  • Releasing the fascia.
  • Lengthening the fascia
  • Strengthening the fascia.


  • Introduction to an ancient form of cupping
  • Cupping Dynamics.
  • Fire Cupping, Bamboo Cupping. 
  • Dry and Wet cupping.
  • Electro-cupping. 
  • Static and Dynamic Cupping.
  • Functional Cupping in sports.
  • ROCK PODS - Advance Form of Cupping
  • Visual Sensory Feedback.
  • Strengthening with Rock pods.
  • Mobilizing with Rock Pods.

Learn the FASCIA RELEASE with the BEST TOOL available in INDIA : ROCKBLADE & M2T




Venue :

HPE UK, Bandra (W), Mumbai



May 28 - 29, 2022 - Full

please register for June 4 - 5: mumbai 


Fees: Rs. 12000/- (MFR + IASTM + CUPPING)



Contact: HPE: whatsapp - 9892981954



Rs. 12000/- (Indian students)

Rs. 20000/- (International students)




International certification from London - UK.

Transcript from HPE UK healthcare.


Tools and cupping sets need to be purchased extra (optional)

(tools will be available during practice session)

M2T Blade / Rockblade (original) - Rs. 7000/-

Cupping Set (branded): 1500 - 7500/-

Rock Blade: Rs.7000/-

Rock Pods: 5000/-

Venue: HPE UK Bandra, Mumbai (10 am - 6 pm)




contact : HPE Office 9892981954 

Cupping Dynamics :Rock Pods - tutorial video


Fascia and IASTM batch