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Incoming Recession !!! Data Analysis


Timing RECESSION or to see its COMING is a difficult task. Even Economist and Financial analyst, who dedicate their lives to predicting the economy and the market usually do not see it coming. 


Though there are Few Exception, St…

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Functional Cupping


HPE Functional Cupping with Rock Pods on Actor Aashim Gulati


Functional Cupping
(New Advanced Approach in Cupping Dynamics)

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Foot Drop or Drop Foot !!!.

Foot Drop or Drop Foot !!!

Foot Drop or Drop Foot is a medical term used when you are not able to lift the foot up. There are many underlying causes…

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Text Neck Syndrome

Gadgets are Bad for your Neck
Human and their love for advance attractive electronic gadgets.
while EVOLUTION had been for a cause, excessive use of electronic gadgets is cause of 
On an average,  8 - 10 hr…

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Guide to fascia IASTM- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation.



this BLOG, will give you basic and advance information on the FASCIA as a organ and its dysfunction and way to treat and mobilize it....
let's get started !!.....

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Guide to HPE Functional Dry Needling

HPE Functional Integrated Dry Needling  

Advance approach in Clinical and Sports Dry Needling 






Dry Needling - an Advance approach in Pain Management.

well not really advance, it is based on …

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