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Functional Cupping


HPE Functional Cupping with Rock Pods on Actor Aashim Gulati


Functional Cupping
(New Advanced Approach in Cupping Dynamics)
this video demonstrates few movements pattern that he needs to incorporate in his home or gym exercise regime for corrections of his thoracic kyphosis

What is Cupping
Cupping practice is over 5000 years old. The effect has remained the same; only the cups and the technique have changed over these many years. Functional Cupping is most advance approach followed in many European countries for influencing the movement pattern with cups.

Cupping is one of the traditional treatment methods that does not involve medicinal substance bur serve as useful weapons in the fight against many diseases or complaints. applied correctly the method is harmless and does not cause ant adverse side effects. 

The result is often fast and impressive because the body reacts within hours to cupping at the proper location.

What is Functional Cupping
In general, Cupping is of two types - dry and Wet Cupping
Dry Cupping involves static and dynamic Cupping. Functional Cupping involves more of dynamic cupping aspect than the static one. 

Cups used in Functional Cupping are made up of Silicone, which makes it easy to move or slide on the skin, often referred them as silicone cupping.

Rock Pods are one of the highly sophisticated silicone cups available for Functional Cupping and are considered superior to any other silicone cups. 

Mechanical - Creating Space between the soft tissue, by negative suction pressure causing decompression 
Fluid Dynamics - Restoring the proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid, Glycosaminoglycans.
Neural - Sensorimotor stimulation
Chemical - by releasing the enzyme because of the breakdown of hemoglobin.
Cupping Response...
Skin Lesion
Open Wound
Varicose Vein
Bony Orifices
Lymph Nodes
Functional Cupping Training...
Rock Pods Helps in 
Pain Reduction.
Increase Range of Motion.
Sensory Motor Stimulation.
Remapping on Cerebral Cortex.
Stretching the Fascia.
Nerve Mobilization.
Tissue lifting.
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