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HPE UK International Certification: 3 months Intensive training. 

Key Topics - Acupuncture Science and Moxibustion with Anish and Dr. Lee (Malaysia)


All modules are a combination of lectures, research, and lab at HPE Center, Bandra.




Become a Certified Practitioner and Instructor with HPE UK Healthcare and Education Ltd, London-UK. 

Learn, Research, and Practice the invasive technique with our experienced instructors. 


The module on patient safety and guidelines by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)



Key Topics - Functional Dry Needling with Dr. Swapnil Mate. 


All modules are a combination of lectures, Research, and lab- Functional Dry Needling.


Excellent opportunity to Become a Certified Instructor with HPE UK LONDON.





Inclusive of

Clinical Hrs for 3 months.


Covers all Modules.

Instructor Status.

Clinical Practice on the patient.


Lifetime eligibility under a contract of HPE UK. 






FEES: Rs. 80000/- ( 3 months) Starting FEB 15