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HPE INDIA - Healthcare, Physiotherapy and Ergonomics

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HPE UK healthcare and Education LTD, Based in London, UK - promotion of Healthcare, Physiotherapy and Education provider.  The company was set-up with an idea to make quality and efficient healthcare services. Over period of years, HPE INDIA has started with many innovative idea in India like 

  • Post graduate level higher education.
  • Sports Rehabilitation Center.
  • Medical support to Sports Championships and Tournaments.
  • World Class Ergonomics services to leading industries and corporate companies.
  • Complete Medical and Health services.
  • Training and Fitness assessment of high profile athletes to big Sporting events.
  • Adventure Sports and High Altitude training for Sporting Athletes.
  • Extending Education Partner in Healthcare and Physiotherapy. 

A combination of high quality products and ability to successfully market them has helped us in substantially cornering a higher pie of the medical equipment market and health and Sport industries. We currently have over 1000 installations across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka.

Our Approach

At HPE INDIA, we focus on providing you with the best HEALTHCARE services available. It is our goal to help you enhance your quality of life through improved health and fitness.

We believe in a holistic approach to enhancing the health of an individual. This holistic approach includes the following elements

  • Post Graduation Level Higher Education.
  • World  Class Sports Physiotherapy Set-up and Services for Sports Tournament and Events.
  • Complementary Treatment Techniques: Our therapists use a combination of techniques to provide comprehensive care designed to optimize your function and prevent, diagnose, and therapeutically manage your condition.
  • Personalized Care: You will always receive one-on-one-care.
  • Patient Participation: Your involvement is critical to a successful outcome. To actively involve you in every stage of your care, your therapist will educate you about your condition, inform you about treatment options, and teach you about the recovery process.
  • Collaborative Care: Your therapist will work closely with your physicians and other health practitioners to ensure that you receive comprehensive, integrated care that addresses your concerns and helps you improve your quality of life.
  • Functional Focus: At every step, we focus on helping you reach your goal, whether it's to overcome an old injury, rehabilitate from a recent surgery, or simply lead a more active, healthy life.
  • Clinical Reasoning and Evidence Based Practice to systematically assess your condition and incorporate the most recent clinical practices in physical therapy care.