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Customized Foot Insoles - HPE

HPE’s Orthotic insoles are custom designed, specially for your feet, to dynamically restore normal foot posture. This leads to a correction in the ankle-knee-hip alignment which in turn helps improve overall structural alignment. Orthotic insoles are great for anyone who wants comfort and protection for their feet. They prevent your foot posture from further degradation. HPE’s orthoses help in:


Pain Relief

Our orthotic insoles correct excessive pronation or excessive supination of the foot, which in turn brings relief from pain in the feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips, lower back, even up to the neck.



With HPE’s orthotic insole, your heel is stabilized. This offers protection, especially to sports persons as they are susceptible to sprains. Besides, the Noene in our insoles provides increased shock absorption, drastically reducing the risk of getting stress fractures. Noene prevents the shock from passing into your body.



Our insoles are designed to provide you maximum comfort. With the right degree of arch support and built in propulsion, your morning walk or jog will now be more comfortable!

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